The Coo on tour with The Travelling Troupe

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Datum: Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019 19:00


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Sean Gascoigne is like a musical octopus; he plays guitars, kick, snare and sings his heart out all at the same time. His music is fast, slow, loud, soft, pretty and ugly, his lyrics are bitter-sweet with a cynical and dark edge. His shows are funny, awkward, sarcastic and real. He’ll be bringing his little acoustic setup and of course his EPs; records he created all on his own in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself, creating layer upon layer of sound. Sean Gascoigne, the sound painter.


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‘Lewin’ is the fresh musical leaf that has been turned by songwriter and musician Jara Holdert, formerly known as ‘JARA’. Her debut album, scheduled for release in the end of 2019, was produced Berlin with Aaron Ahrends (Fil Bo Riva/Say Yes Dog). At the core, Lewin is about being naked, open and relatable. Her songs, in open tunings and often harmonised by her band members, are full of the indie-pop warmth of the sixties and seventies. With a few precise brushstrokes she calls up scenes from real life - no romanticised ‘true loves’ but awkward, human affairs - love with its rough edges showing. For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Feist, Big Thief and Nick Drake.



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Bram van Langen is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Amsterdam. His songs are traveling tales of encounters and stories picked up in different countries - sometimes revealing a hint of social criticism - but mostly a dreamy melancholy. Since the release of two of his songs in May 2015, Bram has been on tour to Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Copenhagen, Berlin, Portugal and Sicily. He’ll be bringing his subtle, intimate and intricate harmonies to new stages this summer. For fans of: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Paul McCartney, Angelo de Augustine.



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The Coo is songwriters Matt Arthur and Jara Holdert, who met at an open mic in Amsterdam, Jara’s hometown. They wrote their first song together while hanging out in London, Matt’s hometown, over a year later. Since then they have kept-up a long-distance musical relationship, writing songs over WhatsApp and travelling to see each other whenever they can. It has been rumoured that they are actually the secret musical love children of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young - which is something that they have yet to confirm or deny. Beyond doubt, however, is that The Coo write melodic and beautifully crafted songs about navigating the treacherous roads of the romantic dream with a sound that is wistful, harmonious and raw. For fans of: Angus and Julia Stone, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Cash & June Carter.


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  • Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019 19:00



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